Pet Sitting — If you're leaving town for a weekend away or an extended vacation, Joan's Ark will be there to give your pet the attention your pet deserves. Your pets routine will remain the same, whether your pet needs medication or if your loved fur kids are picky eaters. Your pet sits are full of stimulation and exercise, if that's the norm or petting, cuddling or brushing are what they like. Starting at $25.

Dog Walking — Like many people today you may work too many hours during the most playful time of your animal's day and find that you're not able to give them the daily exercise they need. Joan's Ark offers a dog-walking program that gives your dog the daily exercise/playtime they need. A pet is just happier if he's exercised daily. Many behavioral problems in dogs stem from isolation, boredom and insufficient interaction. Mid-day visits are a great way for your pet to go out for a nice walk. Starting at $20.

During my visit(s) I will:

    • Provide LOTS of TLC

    • Feed and provide fresh water for your pets

    • Walk/exercise your pets

    • Administer all medications

    • Clean litter boxes

    • Minor grooming

    • Maintain a daily log of behavior and eating habits

    • Daily updates via e-mail are available

    • Water plants

    • Take in mail and newspapers

    • Take out trash on trash day

Pets include, but are not limited to:

    • Cats

    • Dogs

    • Birds

    • Fish

    • Hamsters

    • Bunnies

    • Reptiles

    • Pocket Pets

Please inquire if you have a pet not mentioned above.

Joan's Ark will ensure your pet's happiness and safety throughout the period of service. Should an unexpected situation arise (you've missed your flight home or you're stuck late at the office) a quick call will mean your beloved pet will get the attention he or she deserves in your absence.

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